Types of Depression Rehabilitation

Almost 10 percent of the US population is diagnosed with a mood disorder each year, making the need for treatment greater than ever. However, everyone’s needs are different, especially when it comes to treating an illness like depression. Depression rehabilitation has a number of different treatment options and it is up to you, the patient, to determine which is the right course of treatment for you. The following information is here to help you understand more about each option and guide you toward a decision.

Depression Therapy Program Options

Types of Depression Rehabilitation Depression therapy programs generally fall into three major categories. Each offers you a unique treatment opportunity and can be tailored to your individual needs. The severity of your depression will also determine the best course of treatment for you.

Residential Depression Rehab

Residential treatment should be considered if you have severe depression and have attempted suicide or harm against others. Residential treatment is also considered a necessity if you are fighting a substance abuse problem as a result of your depression. What makes inpatient treatment so successful is that it is a live-in program that consists of detox (if an addiction is present), professionally administered medication and multiple forms of counseling. You are able to work through the causes of your depression in your own time, without outside pressures to delay your recovery. After you complete a residential program, you may wish to enroll in an outpatient program to continue your treatment. Or you may find that outpatient care is right for you all along.

Outpatient Depression Rehab

Outpatient depression care is typically recommended for you if your depression is considered less severe, or if you need a little extra help after completing a residential program. Outpatient care can provide the same intensity of care, but allows you to return home after your counseling and treatment sessions. This may be ideal for you if you absolutely cannot leave your daily responsibilities behind, or if the cost of depression therapy is a concern for you. Outpatient treatment is typically more affordable than inpatient care.

Of course, there are specialty programs of both varieties. One such type is holistic treatment, a movement that is growing in popularity.

Holistic Depression Rehab

The primary idea behind a holistic-based treatment center is that recovery is an experience for the mind, body and soul. Holistic treatment programs are less dependent on pharmaceutical approaches, preferring to find more natural methods of fighting your depression. If you prefer a more natural approach to treatment, you should consider holistic methods.

Ultimately, the form of depression treatment you choose must be right for you based on your level of depression, your budget and the outside responsibilities in your life.

Finding the Right Depression Rehab Program

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