The Dangers of Co-Occurring Depression and Pain

The Dangers of Co-Occurring Depression and PainDepression is one of the most common mental disorders, affecting thousands of people each year. Depression has serious side effects that can cloud a person’s judgment and emotional behavior. Having an issue with physical pain as well can make for a potentially deadly combination.

How Depression and Pain Can Be a Dangerous Combination

Battling depression or trying to manage a pain problem can be very difficult. When both issues are combined, the results can become troublesome, leading to the following issues:

  • Poor management of both disorders – Having both depression and a pain problem is a lot of work for one individual, and generally these conditions compound one another. For instance, a person with depression is less likely to attend physical therapy to manage pain than someone who is not depressed. This combination can prevent effective treatment and cause both issues to continue.
  • Antisocial behavior – Depression makes it difficult for a person to want to make the effort to be social, as does a pain problem. Having both issues can be detrimental to a person’s social and work life because the person is less likely to be positive in the workplace or willing to have fun with family.
  • Substance abuse – Most people battling these issues receive medication to manage their symptoms; however, many painkillers and antidepressants can become highly addictive to someone who is experiencing these kinds of health complications. It can be easy for individuals to use their pain medication to help not only numb the physical pain, but also the emotional pain that comes with depression. This type of use can become a way of coping for the user, even if it results in health and psychological difficulties.
  • Overdose – A psychological disorder such as depression can make bad situations and emotions feel magnified. Individuals who suffer from both depression and pain problems are likely to have a combination of medications; therefore, their potential for overdose increases two-fold. Mixing medications or taking too many in an attempt to self-medicate these issues can lead to an overdose, which can leave the user with irreversible health problems or even cause death.

Living with depression and pain can be extremely difficult and can lead to the development of more problems, such as addiction. By receiving treatment for both issues, individuals can learn how to handle their physical and psychological troubles in a healthy manner, which helps to eliminate the potential for incurring these hazards to their health and wellbeing.

Treatment for Depression and Pain

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