Substance Abuse as a Remedy for Chronic Jet Lag

Substance Abuse as a Remedy for Chronic Jet LagTravelling frequently creates large amounts of stress and pressure, especially as people cope with the symptoms of jet lag. Chronic jet lag is a serious problem, as anyone that has dealt with it knows it is debilitating and can encourage people to try anything that will give them relief. For instance, if you suffer from chronic jet lag, you may be inclined to abuse drugs to stay awake during the day and/or to sleep at night. If you suffer from chronic jet lag, speak with a doctor about your symptoms to heal in a safe way, because drug abuse will only make your problems worse. Seek professional help if you struggle with both chronic jet lag and drug abuse at the same time.

How Chronic Jet Lag Develops

People with chronic jet lag are frequent travelers, usually people who travel for business. Having to travel for work is stressful, because being out on the road all the time means you never have a chance to acclimate to a certain time zone. The exhaustion from jet lag, coupled with the high stress from your job, creates such pressure that people need relief. Although a travelling worker’s time is limited, the best thing she can do to relieve stress healthily is to get enough sleep. Sleep can address jet lag, but only if you get the amount your body needs.

How to Treat Chronic Jet Lag without Abusing Drugs

People can cope with chronic jet lag in many ways that do not involve drug abuse. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, and more and more airports are beginning to offer workout centers for frequent flyers to use between flights. Some airports also offer places for people to sleep between flights, so you can use one of these rooms the next time you are waiting to catch your next flight. Also, you could consider speaking with a trained therapist about your symptoms, because he can discuss how chronic jet lag affects your life while brainstorming ideas on how to improve your condition. In other words, do not believe that the only way for you to address chronic jet lag is to abuse drugs.

Treatment for Chronic Jet Lag and Drug Abuse

If you suffer from chronic jet lag and have become addicted to drugs or alcohol as a result, call our toll-free helpline today. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to help you find treatment that will address both your addiction and its causes. Our staff can also find out if your health insurance will pay for rehab, so call now for instant, professional support.