Reproductive Causes of Depression

Reproductive Causes of DepressionDepression is an incredibly common disorder, as people of all ages, races and genders can experience it. Some of the most common causes of depression include genetics and environmental causes, but reproductive causes can also lead to this issue. Seek professional help to overcome this debilitating problem.

Reproductive Causes of Depression

Even though depression happens in both men and women, the most common reproductive causes of depression occur in women. The following factors influence a woman to develop depression from reproductive issues:

  • Premenstrual symptoms (PMS) – During a woman’s menstrual cycle and even as early as the week before it, her hormones may change to cause extreme fatigue, irritability and heightened emotional responses. Women who have extreme cases of PMS before and during their cycles are likely to develop depression due to erratic hormonal changes that keep them feeling down every month.
  • Menopause – If a woman has a history of depression prior to menopause, she has an increased chance either to develop depression again or continue struggling with it. Similar to PMS, a woman who is going through menopause experiences strong hormonal changes, but on a daily basis.
  • Postpartum – After a woman gives birth, her body immediately changes in ways that impact her mood and demeanor. Her body and hormones must readjust, but she can easily become depressed as her hormones rewire themselves after such a life-changing event.
  • Pregnancy – Becoming pregnant can spark a rollercoaster of hormonal responses, especially as a woman experiences hormones she never felt before. Therefore, as the baby develops its own hormonal balance, the mother is likely to experience changes in her system as well. Many of these imbalances can lead to depression as a result.

Having children, premenstrual symptoms and menopause can all impact a woman’s body so much that she experiences symptoms of depression, such as fatigue, lethargy, worthlessness and more.

Treatment for Women with Depression

It can be difficult for anybody to reach out for help, especially when they are depressed. However, as women are expected to experience these stages of life, it is important to address any and all symptoms of depression to reduce their long-term risks. Through therapy and prescription medication, women can regain their hormonal balance and live without depression. Seek help today to control your symptoms.

Help for Depressed Women

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