Managing Depression During the Holidays

Managing Depression During the HolidaysDepression at Thanksgiving, Christmas and the holiday season in general is widespread, and many people lean on drugs or alcohol to get through this difficult time.

Why Depression Happens during the Holidays

The holiday season is supposed to be a time of reconnecting with family and enjoying good food, but for some it is just one more added stress factor in a life that is already overwhelming. Causes of stress, depression and increased drug or alcohol use during the holidays may include the following:

  • Increased financial stress as a result of added spending for parties and gifts
  • Unexpected added workloads as coworkers take time off
  • Trying to match unrealistic expectations of perfect seasonal events
  • Coping with the time change and season affective disorder (SAD)
  • Bad weather that limits activities or options for escaping home life healthily
  • Strained family relationships can get more complicated as the holidays approach
  • Being unable to spend time with loved ones who are out of town

Holiday Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder

Holiday depression may be related to seasonal affective disorder. The following are possible signs of SAD:

  • Changing appetite or increased weight
  • Decrease in levels of energy
  • Feeling fatigued
  • Struggling to concentrate and focus on work or other tasks on hand
  • Feeling irritable and short-tempered
  • Avoiding social events or invitations to parties

A person may turn to drugs and alcohol in an effort to cover the emotions associated with SAD, but drug abuse and potential addiction will only increase overall problems. There is no better time than the present moment to reach out for quality depression help.

Getting Quality Help for Depression

Depression and addiction therapy and rehab will help you work through your depression and the addiction that you have developed as a means of self-medicating. If you have been struggling with depression and addiction, there is no need to continue struggling on your own. We are here to help guide you to a healthier emotional and mental state. Call our toll-free depression helpline to find treatment options that are customized to meet your unique depression and addiction needs.