How to Not Get Addicted to Your Prescriptions

How to Not Get Addicted to Your Prescriptions

Use prescriptions as directed by your doctor

You might be one of the many people nationwide that struggles with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. If not, you might be battling chronic pain or other physical complications that require you to take a prescription. You may also be dealing with both a mental health issue and a physical health problem simultaneously. The good news is that regardless of what kind of issue you might be facing, treatment is often readily available. For many people, that treatment can come in the form of one or more prescription drugs. While these medications are intended to help, they can often become addictive. So, how can you ensure that you do not become addicted to one or more of your prescription medications?

Three Ways to Prevent Prescription Addiction

Whether you are taking medication to treat depression or post-surgery pain, you should be well informed on how to safely use your prescriptions. Three of the most effective ways to prevent prescription addiction can include:

  1. Using as directed – Before you leave your doctor’s office, be sure that you are aware of the prescribed amount of the medication you are being given. Know when to take it and how to take it, and do not use any more than what has been prescribed to you.
  1. Knowing the signs – Even if you think addiction could never happen to you, it is critical that you know the signs of addiction development. If you are able to identify addictive behaviors, you will be more likely to stop an addiction from becoming a possibility.
  1. Informing your family – Tell those who live with you about the medications you are taking. Since addiction can develop quickly (and often before the user realizes it), those who live with you can help identify changes in behavior that might signal a problem. Also, they can help ensure that you take your medication as directed and continue to follow-up with your prescribing physician.

Prescription drug addiction is a real public health concern and it can happen to anyone – even those who are not intending to abuse or misuse drugs. Should you find yourself abusing your prescription medications (especially if you are battling a mental health issue such as depression), it is imperative that you reach out for help immediately. By doing so, you can prevent abuse from turning into addiction, and ultimately save your life.

Do You Need Treatment for Prescription Drug Abuse?

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