How to Find a Counselor for Depression

How to Find a Counselor for DepressionOver 14 million people are diagnosed with major depressive disorder in the United States each year. There is no easy fix for depression, but a combination of medication and therapy has proven effective in mediating the symptoms. In order to get the best depression treatment possible, you need to choose the program and counselor that are right for you. There are a number of options at your disposal; you simply need to understand the differences between them.

Types of Depression Therapy

The first step in depression treatment is accepting the right option for you. If you have severe depression, or depression combined with an addiction, your treatment will differ from a less severe case. Therapy types include:

  • Family counseling: Family counseling is unique because it treats both you and your family for the effects of your depression. Another benefit of family counseling is that family depression therapists will be able to detect whether any other members of your family suffer from a mood disorder. Family counseling is generally meant for depression that can be managed without admission to a treatment facility.
  • Inpatient/Dual Diagnosis counseling: If your depression is severe, your health is at risk or you have tried a number of times to treat your depression on your own inpatient depression treatment may be for you. Inpatient care allows you to seek help for your depression without having to face the pressures of daily life. Inpatient treatment also gives you the opportunity to be placed on proper medications, participate in group therapies and find a counselor to help you through the rest of your recovery process.

Additionally, many who suffer from depression also have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. In these cases, Dual Diagnosis counseling is highly recommended. This form of counseling encompasses the treatments of inpatient therapy in order to treat your depression and your addictions.

Types of Counselors for Depression

When you choose a counselor as part of a depression therapy program, you must make sure they are right for you. It’s important to choose a counselor who specializes in mood disorders with a level of experience that makes you comfortable. Depending on the level of counseling you need, you may also consider seeing a psychiatrist instead of a psychologist.

Psychiatrists and Psychologists for Depression Treatment

Psychiatrists are licensed medical doctors who specialize in the treatment of mental health. They see patients and are able to write prescriptions. While psychologists do not have medical degrees, they specialize in the non-pharmaceutical treatment of mental health disorders. There are benefits to seeking treatment from either doctor; it merely depends on your preference.

Need Help Finding a Depression Counselor and Depression Treatment?

If you suffer from depression, please call our toll-free helpline to discuss finding a counselor or depression treatment program that is right for you.