How Important Is It To Find Treatment That Fits My Personality?

How Important Is It To Find Treatment That Fits My Personality?

Find treatment that fits your personality

Each person has different interests, strengths, weaknesses and experiences that affect how she responds to treatment. For that reason, one person may not benefit from the same rehab program as much as another. In other words, finding the right treatment program for your personality is crucial to helping you achieve recovery and to prevent future relapse.

Finding the Right Treatment Program for Addiction

Because every person is different, it is important to find a treatment program that best matches your personality. Some programs offer treatment options that are unavailable at other facilities. For example, addicts who have artistic personalities may benefit more from a program that offers art therapy. On the other hand, animal lovers may benefit from programs that offer equine and animal-assisted therapy.

Many addicts also struggle from separate mental health disorders that have shaped their personalities. When choosing a treatment program to recover, drug addicts must consider their additional conditions to find a program that meets those needs. Several programs offer integrated treatment, which treats both addiction and mental health conditions at the same time. This type of care provides better results than treating one issue at a time.

Before you investigate treatment programs for addiction, it may be helpful for you to take inventory of your personality and lifestyle. By evaluating your needs more closely, you will be better able to seek treatment that can meet those needs.

Finding the Right Therapist for Addiction

Just as it is important for addicts to find the right treatment program for their needs, it is also essential that they find the right therapist for their personalities. Each therapist relates differently with his clients, and this relationship can either foster or inhibit recovery. For example, a therapist’s gender impacts a client’s recovery. Many people find that they are more comfortable opening up to someone of the same gender. However, some people have personalities and experiences that make them more comfortable with the opposite gender.

It is also essential to find a therapist who uses therapy that suits your personality. A common therapy for addicts is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and most addicts respond favorably to this type. It is an approach that believes exchanging negative thoughts for positive ones will prevent problematic behaviors, such as substance abuse. Other approaches include psychoanalytic therapy, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy and others. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to know what type of therapy users will respond well to without a process of trial and error. You should not be discouraged if your first encounter with therapy is unsuccessful. Try to determine what went wrong in bad sessions so you can know how to find a better therapist. Therapy can be rewarding and reinforce your recovery, so do not give up if the first session goes poorly.

Help for Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Choosing the right type of treatment can be difficult for people seeking addiction recovery, so seek help if you or a loved one is addicted to drugs and wants to recover. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day at our toll-free helpline to answer any questions you have about treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. You can recover with the right help.