How Grief Affects Mental Health

How Grief Affects Mental Health

Grief And Mental Health

Grief is never easy to deal with, no matter how strong a person may or may not be. Losing someone or something can cause grief to occur within a matter of days, and it is generally not easy to get rid of. One of the most concerning aspects of grief is that it can impact an individual’s mental health in a negative way.

How Grief Affects Mental Health

Along with grief itself comes a great deal of symptoms and side effects, all of which can damage an individual’s mental health. Symptoms such as withdrawing from activities, feeling bitter about the loss, and experiencing an increase in focus on the loss itself can all serve as definitive signs of grief. In addition, other symptoms of grief can lead to a decline in mental health, such as the following:

  • Depression – It is normal for an individual to be sad and to grieve a loss, but when it becomes difficult to move forward, depression can set in. Depression typically causes people to become anti-social, experience fatigue, and become unmotivated. Now not only is a person dealing with grief, but also the psychological condition of depression.
  • Detachment – Grief can cause individuals to detach themselves from other people, which can be incredibly damaging to their mental health. By becoming detached, individuals are unable to obtain support from others and do things that will help them move forward in the grieving process. This can severely impact mental health, as it only promotes a regression.

In addition to both depression and detachment, someone who is grieving is also likely to experience feelings of hopelessness, have trouble doing day-to-day activities, grow agitated easily, and have trouble trusting others – all of which can contribute to a significant decline in mental health.

The Importance of Coping

Everyone will go through the grieving process at his or her own pace; however, it is important that the process does not carry on for too long. Otherwise, the risks of negative mental health issues become more likely. Therefore, treatment for grief, such as psychotherapy, can greatly help an individual understand the process and learn how to develop proper coping skills that will get him or her through this negative time in life without risking his or her mental health.

Do You Need Treatment for Grief?

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