How Anxiety Can Increase Pain Sensitivity

How Anxiety Can Increase Pain SensitivityRecently medical professionals have studied the connection between anxiety and pain, and it turns out that these problems strongly exacerbate each other. Anxiety, depression, pain and addiction join together to destroy people, but with the right help you can recover and deal with both problems at the same time.

How Anxiety Affects Pain

Anxiety and pain are connected in the following ways:

  • Having a significant amount of stress and pain can increase anxiety
  • Having anxiety can lead to an increase in pain sensitivity

The anticipation or worsening of pain can increase anxiety, which can manifest in a number of problems that are unique to you and your situation. While anxiety can heighten sensitivity to pain, pain can also increase anxiety.

How Pain and Addiction Affect Each Other

Anxiety can encourage drug and alcohol abuse, and self-medicating anxiety symptoms is a leading cause of addiction, and this act is typically related to experiencing trauma or anxiety. If pain medication is prescribed, it can be easy to become addicted to it, especially if anxiety or depression is present. Depression and pain are closely connected, due in large part to the pain from depression. Add addiction and anxiety and you’ll find that you have the recipe for someone to lose control over her life.

Another connection between physical pain and anxiety is for those who will undergo surgery. The anxiety often crops up as the patient considers how much pain he will have after the operation, which can lead patients to rely heavily on the pain medication. Stress and pain along with anxiety can spell trouble, but help is available for these problems.

Treatment for Anxiety and Pain

Anxiety doesn’t have to control your life. By getting professional help, you can decrease the severity of your pain while you also address anxiety. Even those who live with chronic pain may reduce their discomfort if they seek help for anxiety. Additionally, pain and painkiller addiction do not have control your life either. By getting professional care for your anxiety, you can drastically reduce your pain and break away from an addiction that may further complicate treatment.

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