Holistic Depression Rehabilitation

overcome depressionAlthough depression can be treated a number of different ways, it is your individual preference that truly determines your course of treatment. Research has proven that women with depression are almost 10 percent more likely to seek treatment than men. Some depression rehabilitation programs may take a medical approach through prescription drugs. Others rely on Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). Other treatment programs are based on holistic principles. Read on for more information about holistic treatment.

What Is Holistic Depression Rehabilitation?

Holistic depression rehabilitation is considered an alternative method of treatment compared to more mainstream pharmaceutical approaches. Holistic treatment focuses on naturally overcoming depression by enhancing the body, mind and spirit. In most cases, antidepressant medication is not considered necessary in a holistic-based treatment program.

How Does Holistic Depression Rehabilitation Work?

As mentioned, the key purpose of holistic based treatment is to strengthen the body, mind and spirit. Holistic depression treatment relies on natural methods of providing therapy. Yoga, prayer, meditation, martial arts and hiking are all commonly used, natural therapies, all of which may appeal to men and women seeking depression treatment. The goal of these activities is to improve your concentration, focus and balance, which will give you a greater sense of calmness to handle the pressures of your depression.

Despite its natural approach, holistic therapy doesn’t abandon all forms of traditional treatment. Many holistic programs continue to utilize traditional counseling practices. In holistic treatment, you can participate in individual and group counseling sessions. These sessions are used to help you understand your illness through understanding the depression that others suffer.

Additionally, not all holistic depression treatment programs are medication-free. No holistic program is required to, or intends to deny you, medication if you need it. If your depression is severe or you’ve been diagnosed with a chemical imbalance, medication can be necessary. Programs that combine holistic values and medicinal intervention are certainly available if you are interested in this form of treatment.

Why Choose Holistic Depression Rehabilitation?

You may want to consider holistic-based programs to treat your depression if you have tried more mainstream therapeutic approaches and been dissatisfied by the results. Many individuals find that the natural elements of holistic treatment are more effective in treating  depression.

If you would like to find a holistic depression treatment program, contact us and we will help you locate a facility that is right for you.