Hispanic Women and Depression

Hispanic Women and DepressionDepression is a common mental health condition, as it affects millions of people worldwide. This specific psychological issue causes individuals to constantly feel sad, worthless, and lose interest in things that they used to love. It can impact their daily lives and cause them to experience extreme lows as a result. For many people, depression is caused by genetics, however for others, their environment causes it. Hispanic women who suffer from depression often experience it because of their environment and the many different ways in which their race is used against them on a regular basis.

Causes of Depression in Hispanic Women

In The United States alone, there are many different races that make up the country. Despite the 50 years that have passed since the civil rights movement of the 1960’s, many Americans still face racism daily. These injustice leads many Hispanic women to develop depression as a result of their environment. Some of the most prominent environmental causes of depression in Hispanic women include the following:

  • Workplace treatment – In the workplace, Hispanic women are often not treated as equally as white or black women. As a result, it can be complicated for them to receive raises or promotions despite their qualifications. Therefore, Hispanic women can begin to feel inadequate and begin questioning their self-worth. This can become a starting point for depression development.
  • Healthcare options – Because of the many disparities that Hispanic women face (such as low paying jobs) and negative stigmas concerning their race, it can be complicated for them to receive proper healthcare in The United States. As a result, mental health issues such as depression can go untreated because some Hispanic women cannot afford proper healthcare and/or are not qualified to receive the care they need.
  • Language barriers – For Hispanic women who have moved to The United States from another country, it can be increasingly challenging to communicate with others if they are not fluent in English. These women may find trying to communicate frustrating with the basic English skills they have and may even find that people treat them poorly because of their lack of fluency. This frustration can quickly turn to sadness, spurring the development of depression.

Depression is more common in women than in men, and more common in Hispanic women than Caucasian women. Some of the main environmental causes of that include poor workplace treatment, limited healthcare options, and language barriers.

Treatment for Depression

It is crucial that Hispanic women get treatment for their depression so they learn how to overcome the odds and begin developing positive self-esteem that helps counteract their depression. Some treatment facilities focus primarily on treating the causes of depression in Hispanic women, which is a great option, as it can help women of this race learn how to combat the specific racial issues that are causing their disorder. By developing strong coping skills, Hispanic women can utilize medication and therapy to overcome the challenges that their environment might provide them with in the future.

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