Effects of War Experiences on Mental Health

Effects of War Experiences on Mental HealthThere is a strong link between war and mental health issues. Soldiers and veterans are being diagnosed with more mental health problems than ever before. The list of mental health issues that plague soldiers and veterans with war experiences runs deep and includes the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Addiction

Research is now finding that war experiences can have just as strong an impact on the mental health of families and friends as on the soldiers themselves.

War and Mental Trauma

War is certainly considered to be a traumatic experience, and while many individuals focus on the physical casualties of war, the psychological consequences for war and combat are just as debilitating. Anyone who is involved in war is under a great deal of physical and psychological stress. He will not only fear for his own life, but also for the lives of others. He may feel helpless or powerless in the situation he is in. War surrounds individuals with fear, torture, death, violence, loss, and the most immense levels of stress. Anxiety, hyper-vigilance, immense thought, physical strain, combat, tension, noise, and seemingly endless amounts of destruction are difficult to cope with and will undoubtedly have some effect on an individual. Long-term or heavy amounts of stress will rewire the brain and cause issues in nearly every system in the body.

What makes stress and other negative issues from war experiences even more unbearable is that soldiers are away from their families and others who could provide support and help the soldier to de-stress and cope with the negative emotions and pain they are experiencing. Families struggling with stress and anxiety do have the ability to seek help and support from others and can address their emotions and psychological issues in a variety of healthy ways.

War experiences can cause mental health issues that appear right away, but the effects from war experiences can also develop way later in an individual’s life or at a gradual pace. The mental health effects of war and combat can negatively impact all areas of an individual’s life, from employment to relationships and everything in-between. Now more than ever, recovery services and treatment options are being utilized by soldiers, veterans, and others who have experienced mental health issues after war experiences.

Want to Find Help for Soldiers and Veterans Battling Mental Health Issues?

If you are looking for help for a mental health issue resulting from war or service-time in the military, please pick up the phone and call us today. Our toll-free helpline is operated by recovery professionals 24 hours a day who are ready to assist you with your questions, concerns, and needed information. Whether you are just looking for professional information or are ready to find treatment and recovery services today, we are happy to help. There are several treatment and recovery services designed specifically for soldiers and veterans who have been affected by war or their time in the military, and we can help you find the programs and services that are right for you or a loved one. To learn more about your options for treating mental health issues, call and talk with a recovery professional today.