Depression as a Hidden Illness

Depression as a Hidden IllnessDepression is a unique mental disorder because you may not know about it even if someone close to you suffers from it. Depression is not a very visible illness, and patients can conceal even the most severe depression if they avoid diagnoses. Depression is a damaging disorder, and it can drive a patients away from their families and cause them to abuse alcohol or drugs to self-medicate their symptoms through the use of drugs or alcohol. This is an incredibly unhealthy way to deal with depression and may cause your depression to worsen. If you are hiding depression from your loved ones, talk with them about your condition and seek professional help immediately.

Why People Hide Depression

Because depression can dominate a person’s life, affecting the way she acts and thinks, many people may not even know they have the condition. Those that do know they have depression may either deny their problem or avoid getting treatment for it for a variety of reasons, ranging from embarrassment to financial concerns. However, depression is nothing to be embarrassed about. Treatment is available that can help you cope with depression and get on with your normal life. Do not let depression continue to control your life. Get treatment and begin living like you used to.

How to Treat Depression

Television and the media paint a picture of depression that seems to suggest it can be controlled by simply taking a pill, but it is more complicated than that. To treat depression truly you need to talk to a therapist about what you are going through and get to the bottom of your problems. Depression is too serious to be treated by just taking a pill. Medication may help you with your depression, but drugs alone are not an answer to the problems associated with depression.

Ending Depression in Your Life

Give depression the boot by getting professional therapy designed to help you. One-on-one time with a trained therapist will help you understand why you are depressed and what it takes to get past this hurdle in your life. Call our toll-free helpline today and we will help you find treatment for your depression. Also, if you are suffering from an addiction as well, you may be interested in Dual Diagnosis treatment, which helps people struggling with addiction and mental health disorders. We will be standing by 24 hours a day to speak with you about your depression, so call now and find out how we can help.