Depression and Substance Abuse Treatment for Surgeons

Depression Treatment HelpSurgeons have one of the most anxiety producing jobs available. Every surgery a surgeon faces is a life or death matter, and there is no job more rewarding or more stressful. Many surgeons find themselves working long hours, and many operate under tight deadlines or in emergency situations. Surgeons have little time to sleep between shifts and surgical residents struggle with the demands of learning the job.

The rewards of a successful surgical career are solid pay and the opportunity to help others in need. However, career demands for many surgeons can lead to exhaustion, depression or substance abuse. A frighteningly large number of doctors are using substances such as painkillers, amphetamines, alcohol or other drugs to get by. Yet if a doctor seeks help, he or she often finds punishment instead of healing. While many medical programs are trying to change this pattern of “punish first, treat later,” there are still thousands of doctors out there who need help for addiction.

Exhausted Doctors Are More Likely to Become Depressed

Are you worn out with the rigors of surgical work? Be aware that this places you at risk for depression. Some common symptoms of depression in surgeons include the following:

  • Oversleeping or inability to sleep properly
  • Irritability, angry outbursts or short temper
  • A sad mood that persists for more than two weeks
  • Thoughts about regret or other intrusive memories or thoughts
  • Inability to concentrate on patients or surgical procedures
  • Anxiety over the future

While medical school often teaches you to put on a brave face and avoid seeking help, there are times when you need to take care of yourself. Don’t let depression affect your choices or your career.

Doctors and Prescription Pill Addiction

Maybe it is because work-related stress is so high, or perhaps it is because drugs are readily available, but doctors may be more likely to abuse prescription pills than the general population. You may tell yourself that you have things under control. After all, you have had many years of education, and you know about the benefits and dangers of prescription drugs. But what if someone finds out? What if pill consumption causes you to make mistakes or accidentally hurt someone? It is vital that you seek treatment now.

Find Depression and Substance Abuse Help Now

Where do you turn when you are a highly trained professional in need of addiction treatment? You do not want addiction to ruin your career or your reputation. You need treatment that is proven, completely confidential and matches your level of education.

We can help. We offer a completely confidential and toll-free helpline that will put you directly in touch with our treatment referral specialists. Our staff will work with you to help you find the best addiction treatment available. There are confidential, luxury treatment options that can get you back on track quickly, effectively and privately. Our staff can help you plan everything from travel to insurance coverage. Don’t risk everything you have worked for. Call any time, 24 hours a day, to see how we can help you.