Avoiding Depression Therapy to Avoid Antidepressants

Avoiding Depression Therapy to Avoid AntidepressantsIf you have been living with depression, it can be daunting to consider getting professional help. With an understanding of how beneficial depression treatment can be, some of the mystery and fear surrounding treatment can be removed from the equation. This will allow you to move on and get past the depression that has impacted your life.

Myths about Depression Therapy

There are several myths about depression therapy, and exploring truths about recovery will help you feel more confident about your decision to reach out for professional care. Myths and truths surrounding depression therapy include the following:

  • Myth: Taking a pill won’t help me. Truth: The symptoms of depression may manifest in emotions, but depression is a physical illness. Antidepressants can help rewire neurotransmitters, and this can give you the ability to pursue additional therapies including counseling and support groups.
  • Myth: I could get addicted to antidepressants, since I’ve been addicted to other drugs. Truth: Talk openly and honestly about your history with addiction. Medication options are available that are non-addictive.
  • Myth: Once I start medicating depression, I will never be able to live without the pills. Truth: Some individuals may require long-term medication. However in most cases other forms of beneficial therapy can sustain positive moods. Everyone is different, and only you and your medical professional can determine the best course of therapy for your unique situation.
  • Myth: Antidepressants will turn me into a zombie. Truth: When you work with true depression experts, you will be given control over the type of treatment you receive. If one medication doesn’t appear to be beneficial for you, then you have the choice and the control to switch to another one that does.

Accepting that you are in need of treatment for depression can be difficult, but it is essential for finding lasting solutions and wellbeing.

Quality Depression Therapy

Please call our toll-free helpline to learn about options that can help you break free from depression. Our compassionate counselors are ready to answer your questions and address the concerns that you have about medication and therapy. Don’t let depression control your life. We can ease your concerns, answer your questions and get you started on the right path to recovery and full control of your life.