Addiction Treatment for a New Year and a New Life

Addiction Treatment for a New Year and a New Life

Addiction Treatment for a New Year and a New Life

As 2014 begins, many people begin to examine life and try to make positive changes for the New Year. Even if the year is well underway, there is hope for addiction and depression help in the future. If you want to quit drugs or drinking in 2014, help is available. Here are some steps to consider if you are thinking about a change.

Identify the Problem

The first step to making any change is to identify the problem. Many people who struggle with addiction feel a great deal of shame and guilt about their substance use. These complicated feelings may cause them to deny that there is a problem. This shame, guilt and denial greatly hinder their ability to get sober. Identifying and admitting there is a problem, privately or publicly, is the first step to change.

Learn More about Addiction

Addiction is not a moral wrongdoing. Addiction is a complicated and sometimes chronic illness that requires treatment. Often, addiction goes hand-in-hand with a past trauma, or substance use leads to a new emotional or physical trauma. Addiction treatment that works will treat both the addiction and the underlying causes of addiction at the same time.

Make a Decision to Change

Accepting that there is a problem and making a decision to change are two separate things. Many addicts “plan to change” or make lofty and unreachable goals to stop using all at once with no support. Addiction is not an easy thing to fix. Making a decision to change involves accepting that there are complicated causes of addiction.

Learn about Addiction Treatment Options

Options for treatment can vary greatly. Treatment options can range from local addiction counseling to rehab with a medically supervised detox. Because every person is different, every addiction is different. Luckily, there are a number of different treatment options available. Dual diagnosis or integrated treatment is a new type of addiction treatment that includes support for both addiction wellness and real solutions for depression, anxiety and the underlying causes of addiction.

Seek Help for Addiction in the New Year

Once you have decided to seek help, consider calling our toll-free helpline. We offer completely confidential, free-to-you assistance in finding addiction and depression help. Our addiction professionals know that addiction is a complicated condition and seek to help each caller find a unique solution. We can connect callers with services like family intervention, mental health counseling, family counseling, addiction counseling, inpatient rehab, detox programs, insurance coverage for rehab and more. Call now to make a better life for yourself and those you love.